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    Stephanie Roth

    Dr. Stephanie Roth, is a foot and ankle specialist in Russellville, Arkansas. Her medical and surgical training was at The University of Texas Health Science Center, a Level 1 trauma center. She has over 12 years of diverse experience with an emphasis in foot and ankle. Dr. Roth is committed to her community. 

    She served on the Russellville Chamber of Commerce Board and Executive Board of Directors for over five years. She is also committed to her profession. She is the immediate past president and vice president of the Arkansas Podiatric Medical Association. 

    Dr. Roth founded River Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic, PLLC in 2010 and continues to flourish providing excellent care with a compassionate touch. Dr. Roth is a River Valley resident, and she is available for all of your urgent needs. 

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Stephanie Roth, DPM, FACFAS, FASPS

River Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic, Russellville, AR

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As you know, your feet and ankles carry the burden of all your steps. For this reason, it is important to pay particular attention to the care of your feet. Your feet can affect the alignment of the rest of your body causing pain in the knees, hips, legs and back. Often foot pain can cause headaches and chronic pain. Dr. Stephanie Roth specializes in correcting foot and ankle problems of all kinds. Her main office is located in Russellville, AR. She will provide you with the best possible care of your feet and ankles!

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Personalized Services
At the office of Dr. Stephanie Roth, we provide a complete range of services including:

  • State of the art diagnosis
  • Expert corrective treatments
  • Personal care
  • Professional advice
  • Careful follow up of patient needs

Our friendly team is here to take very special care of you and your family. You will find our clinic in Russellville comfortable and welcoming for children and adults alike.

Certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery

Fellow American Society of Podiatric Surgeons

American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

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  • Fracture-Toe

    The structure of the foot is complex, consisting of bones, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Of the 26 bones in the foot, 19 are toe bones (phalanges) and metatarsal bones (the long bones in the midfoot). Fractures of the toe and metatarsal bones are common and require evaluation by a specialist. ...

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  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)

    What Is PTTD?The posterior tibial tendon serves as one of the major supporting structures of the foot, helping it to function while walking. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) is a condition caused by changes in the tendon, impairing its ability to support the arch. This results in flattening ...

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  • Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

    Heel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis, a condition that is sometimes also called heel spur syndrome when a spur is present. Heel pain may also be due to other causes, such as a stress fracture, tendonitis, arthritis, nerve irritation, or, rarely, a cyst. Because there are several potential ...

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  • Flexible Flatfoot

    What Is Flatfoot? Flatfoot is often a complex disorder, with diverse symptoms and varying degrees of deformity and disability. There are several types of flatfoot, all of which have one characteristic in common: partial or total collapse (loss) of the arch.   Other characteristics shared by most ...

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  • Ganglion Cyst

    What Is a Ganglion Cyst? A ganglion cyst is a sac filled with a jellylike fluid that originates from a tendon sheath or joint capsule. The word “ganglion” means “knot” and is used to describe the knot-like mass or lump that forms below the surface of the skin.   Ganglion cysts are among ...

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  • Webbed Toes

    Webbed toes (also known as syndactyly) is a rare condition seen in approximately one in 2,000 births. Those with this condition have two or more toes that are partially or fully joined by a flexible skin bridge.  Syndactyly most commonly affects the second and third toes, but it can occur between ...

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  • Weak Ankles

    Weak ankles may be a result of previous ankle injuries, but in some cases they are a congenital (at birth) condition. The ankles are sore, and “give way” easily while standing, walking, or doing other activities. When an ankle is injured, it may take a few weeks to many months to fully heal. Often, ...

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  • Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins are usually due to improperly functioning valves within the veins. The veins typically appear prominent or look "raised."  The condition can cause swelling of the legs, ankles, and feet. The skin may become discolored due to leakage of blood into the surrounding tissues, and ulcers may ...

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  • Turf Toe

    What is Turf Toe? Turf toe is a sprain of the big toe joint resulting from injury during sports activities. The injury usually results from excessive upward bending of the big toe joint. The condition can be caused from either jamming the toe, or repetitive injury when pushing off repeatedly when running ...

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  • Toe Walking

    Toe walking, a condition in which a person walks on the toes or ball of the foot, is most often seen in young children learning to walk. A child who does not outgrow toe walking in early childhood should be evaluated by a foot and ankle surgeon. Toe walking may be idiopathic (habitual) or it can be caused ...

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